Chartwell Pharmaceutical’s New York manufacturing facility has been producing high-quality generic prescription pharmaceuticals for over 20 years.

Located in Upstate New York, just outside of New York City, Chartwell Pharmaceuticals is a full-service manufacturing, packaging, and related supply chain services organization. We have decades of pharmaceutical industry experience in manufacturing and analytical services, from formulation trials to clinical supplies to full-scale commercial batches. Always delivered reliably and on time.

We’re adept at working within a highly complex, highly regulated environment. Our pristine facility is cGMP compliant and comes well-equipped for oral solids and
powered suspension manufacturing in any volume.

As a US-based Manufacturer, we are Trade Act Agreement (TAA) and Buy American Act (BAA) compliant. We are working to address the country and our customers’ growing need for pharmaceutical products that are “Made in the USA.”

With over 700 FDA-Approved listings in the Orange Book, we are proud to market our own Chartwell RX label. We offer tablets, capsules, powders for suspension and liquids
– in bulk bottles and unit-dose blisters and cups – and a variety of custom packaging solutions.