Chartwell Pharmaceuticals operates four main manufacturing and analytical campuses in the New York metropolitan area, producing the highest-quality generic prescription pharmaceuticals in a variety of dosage forms – including tablets, capsules, powders, solutions and suspensions, semi-solids, ophthalmics, otics, and soon injectable forms – supplied in traditional and custom packaging solutions.

We have decades of pharmaceutical industry experience from formulation trials to clinical supplies to full-scale commercial batches small and large, always supplied reliably and on time.

We’re adept at working within a highly complex, highly regulated environment. Our pristine facilities are fully cGMP compliant and utilize some of the most sophisticated technologies in the industry.

We are constantly expanding and upgrading our capabilities and flexibility in order to address the country and our customers’ growing need for reliable, consistent quality pharmaceutical products that are “Made in the USA.”

As a US-based Manufacturer, we are Trade Act Agreement (TAA) and Buy American Act (BAA) compliant. With over 900 FDA-Approved Rx listings in the Orange Book, we are proud to market our products in the Chartwell RX label!

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