Charting a course to wellness

Chartwell Pharmaceuticals was established in 2010 and is a US-based, full-service manufacturing, packaging, and related supply chain services organization located in Rockland County, NY, just north of New Jersey and close to NYC. For over twenty years, high quality prescription pharmaceutical products have been produced with a commitment to quality, compliance, and superior customer service from our highly cGMP compliant facility. Our rooms are large, ceilings are high, and facilities are pristine. Our exceptional hands-on leadership team and technical staff bring decades of pharmaceutical industry experience in manufacturing and analytical services, for transferring, changing, launching, and supplying products reliably and on-time. Chartwell Pharmaceuticals is proud to be manufacturing "Made in the USA" products.

Chartwell Pharmaceuticals provides high quality prescription solid dosage (tablets, capsules, and powders) manufacturing, packaging, and analytical services. Chartwell Pharmaceuticals operates its 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility producing millions of tablets and capsule/day from its large and high volume processing equipment. The plant currently operates on a flexible shift basis with significant available surge capacity. With an annual production capacity of over 3 billion dosage units and 25 production suites, Chartwell can readily meet the demands of its customers from formulation trials to clinical supplies to full scale commercial batches.

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